"How can I go about making this look better?"


I'm going to be honest. At this point, it doesn't look like it can get any better. Even if you somehow managed to remove the stain, it's probably fused so tightly with the pants that it has become an integral part of their makeup and is now holding them together. Taking it out would cause your pants to burst into dust.


What you can do, however, is plug the blue liquid leak to prevent the situation from becoming even more horrible than it is now. I see fabrics here that could be at risk of becoming structurally dependent on the blue liquid and I can't have that. If something happens to that red blanket I will shit myself and go berserk.


You probably have a container of blue liquid in your house that looks exactly like this in every way:

Not judging on that flag. Not what I'm here for. I normally wouldn't even bring it up, but you need it to plug the hole. Click it if you have trouble understanding.


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