"How would I go about turning a folder of folders of handwritten pages into a published book?"


"The book is illustrated, and uses text in ways that throw the idea of an e-text version of the book out the window. In order to make it publishable of acceptable quality to publish, the text will have to be re-drawn so that it is less sloppy and therefore easier to read, the pictures will need to be touched up and pen mistakes removed, and the text and pictures moved around to fit the pages of their new booken home."


Surprise, my good man! I published your book for you! Take a look!




















































While it goes without saying that I did not need to do this and any gratitude you wish to express towards me would be greatly appreciated, the book does have a number of issues. Chiefly among them are as follows:


Sometimes it doesn't open. I only have about a 50% success rate with getting it to open. I can try to work on this more later but I won't make any promises.


I accidentally spilled Gatorade on much of the book, leaving large patches of it discolored. The color is not consistent, as I spilled four different flavors of Gatorade on the book.


I crumpled up page seven in anger to prove a point during a heated argument with a family member. The content of the argument is not relevant to you or anything you did, so please don't worry yourself.


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